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Plants of Madeira


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Plants of Madeira (continued)

Polypodium Thelypteris Mscr. Acrosticum Th. Linn. fig. pict.

- - - - - - - - lineatum Mscr.

- - - - - - - - fragile Linn.

Adiantum trapeziforme Linn. Cabreira Lus.

Trichomanes canariense Linn.

Mnium politrichoides Linn.

Hypnum rugosum Mscr.

Jungermannia tamariscifolia Linn.

Lichen articulatus Linn. Barba Lus.

- - - - calicaris Linn.

- - - - digitatus Linn.

Marchantia polymorpha Linn. Patinha Lus.

Lichen geographicus Linn.

Lichen calicaris Linn.

Byssus aurea Linn.

Phoenix dactyfera Linn.


Faya Lus.

Pao branco Lus.

Salvia major folio glauco serrato

    Sloane Hist. Jam. p.17 T.3.fig.3

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