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Adams, Memoirs of Arii Taimai, Chapter IV, page 33****
... in these days, when the study of primitive law has become a hobby. Tuiterai’s plea or defence seems to have turned on the idea that the eldest child, whether male or female, was the only heir who could set up an indefeasible right to the succession, and since the eldest child in this case, being ... 07/03/04, 6591 bytes
Parkinson's Journal, Vocabulary of Savoo, page 205****
... the natives of the island of Savoo Momonne, A man. Neekeeng-ïro, A grown man. Monama, An old man. Monecopai, A boy. Mobunne, A woman. Anawuneekee, A child. Càtoo, The bead. Row catoo, The hair of the head. Bocòlo, The crown of the head. Otaïle, The temples. Tangarei, The forehead. Màdda, The eyes. R ... 07/03/04, 7189 bytes
Parkinson's Journal, From England, page 26***
Page 26 Previous/Next Page Parkinson's Journal Voyaging Accounts ---------- From England (continued) Plate I. A Man, Woman & Child, of Terra del Fuego, in the Dress of that Country. View of a Village in the Bay of Good Success, in the Island of Terra del Fuego. Plate I. A Man, Woman & Child, of Terra ... 07/03/04, 5481 bytes
James Morrison's Account of Tahiti, Division, Government &c., page 35***
... Name and title He obtained by His Mother declaring that the Deity (Taane) Cohabited with her in her Sleep and, proving Pregnant soon after, the Child was declared to be the Offspring of the Deity and is rever’d as something supernatural — the only Male of The House of Tedevvaeuta is Tomaree ... 07/03/04, 7580 bytes
Adams, Memoirs of Arii Taimai, Chapter XII, page 110***
... till then been beyond the control of Tevahitua? Certainly the chief was not Teriirere, the son of Purea. Teriirere was dead, and neither wife nor child of his is known to tradition. Purea seems to have had no other child by Amo. Teriirere had been born about 1762, and as early as 1769 Cook knew that ... 07/03/04, 5949 bytes
Parkinson's Journal, Vocabulary, page 93***
... Watery-eye; which appellation is not unapt from the great quantity of rain which falls in the bay. Tehaia, a woman's name, who being lost when a child, her friends went about, crying Tehai? which means, Where is she? The natives could not repeat, after us, the sounds of the letters, Q, X, and Z, without ... 07/03/04, 7872 bytes
Adams, Memoirs of Arii Taimai, Chapter II, page 12***
... ago a chief of Punaauia, named Te manutunuu, married a chiefess of Vaiari, named Hototu, and had a son, Terii te moanarau. At the birth of the child, the father, Te manutunuu, set out in his boat for the Paumotu islands to obtain red feathers (Ura) to make the royal Maro for the young prince. So the ... 07/03/04, 6107 bytes
Adams, Memoirs of Arii Taimai, Chapter XV, page 148***
... Taura atua i Patea, afterwards known as Tati, who died in 1854, supposed himself then to be eighty years old. He remembered having seen Cook, when a child, and as Cook’s last voyage was in 1777, the young Taura atua could hardly have been born later than 1774. He had a brother, Opuhara, born probably ... 07/03/04, 6047 bytes
Adams, Memoirs of Arii Taimai, Chapter XVII, page 172***
... and Nuurua bow down to you. You surpass the heads of Taaroa and Tane. You are the lord circled by the rainbow, As you stand on Punaauia You are the child of Raamaurire Who was a lord and still a God. You wear the golden Maro of Maraetefano. As the land grew, You grew as lord of Eimeo. Whatever might ... 07/03/04, 6421 bytes

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