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Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vols. II - III, An Excursion to the Eastward and interview with Oberea, page 104***
... in the morning, and is last dismissed when they sleep at night. Yet if we admit that they are upon the whole happier than we, we must admit that the child is happier than the man, and that we are losers by the perfection of our nature, the increase of our knowlege, and the enlargement of our views. ... 07/03/04, 6697 bytes
Banks's Journal: Daily Entries, 5 February 1770***
... seen upon the coast, indeed the only one in which we have observd any order or subordination. It consisted of 17 people; the head of it was a pretty child of about 10 years old who they told us was the owner of the land about where we wooded, the only instance of property we have met with among these ... 07/03/04, 8375 bytes
Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vols. II - III, Of the Division of Time in Otaheite, page 246***
... are said to fight with great obstinacy, which is the more likely to be true, as it is certain that they give no quarter to either man, woman, or child, who is so unfortunate as to fall into their hands during the battle, or for some hours afterwards, till their passion, which is always violent, though ... 07/03/04, 9362 bytes
Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vol. I, Streight of Magellan to Cape Monday, page 108***
... officer told me, that near Cape Upright he had fallen in with a few Indians, who had given him a dog, and that one of the women had offered him a child which was sucking at her breast. It is scarcely necessary to say that he refused it, but the offer seems to degrade these poor forlorn savages more ... 07/03/04, 7099 bytes
Parkinson's Journal, Description of Batavia, page 217***
... at the sides, and a roof fashioned like the eaves of a house; this has a spoke at each end, and is carried by two men on their shoulders, and the child within sits all along on the bottom of it. Previous Page Voyaging Accounts Next Page © Derived from the London 1773 edition printed for Stanfield Parkinson ... 07/03/04, 10745 bytes
Parkinson's Journal, Malay spoken at Batavia, page 226***
... man. Parampooan, A woman, or a young woman. Anna paraowan, A virgin. Booda, or Anna lakee lakee, A boy. Anna parampooan, A girl. Annae or anna, A child. Cumbar, Twins. Bappa, or pappa, A father. Ma, A mother. Cake, A grandfather. Naimai, A grandmother. Bappa teerree, A step-father. Mateeree, A step ... 07/03/04, 7286 bytes
Omai, or, a Trip round the World, Part II, page 23***
... Tartars. Four Men of ditto. One Woman of ditto. IX. One Russian. Two Russian Women. X. One Chief of Kamtschatka. Four Men of ditto. One Woman and a Child, ditto. XI. Two Men of Nootka Sound. One Woman of ditto. XII. Two Men of Oonalashka. One Woman of ditto. XIII. Two Men of Prince William's Sound. ... 07/03/04, 6869 bytes
Banks's Descriptions of Places, South Sea Islands, page 188***
... wood. With these they fight by their own account very obstinately, which appears the more probable as the Conquerors give no Quarter to Man Woman or Child who is unfortunate enough to fall into their hands during or for some hours after the Battle, Previous Page Voyaging Accounts Next Page © Derived ... 07/03/04, 5476 bytes
Adams, Memoirs of Arii Taimai, Chapter XVII, page 173***
... as a social superior. Tati yielded the same position to her, after she married his son. When I was born, about 1824, I naturally became a petted child, and sometimes treated my mother with as little respect as petted children are apt to show. Old Tati would then scold his granddaughter, and would tell ... 07/03/04, 6864 bytes
James Morrison's Account of Tahiti, Persons, page 42***
... Calld Earee Nooe or the Great Chief; the Young Woman Toematta was his cousin, and sister to His present Wife Teereetahi; Pbooraya having no other Child but Tomaree, having kill all that came before him. o’Too or Matte is The eldest son of Tew or Whappai, who is also mentioned by Captain Cook ... 07/03/04, 7382 bytes

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