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Adams, Memoirs of Arii Taimai, Chapter XI, page 100***
... person of the greatest consequence or, rather, of the highest rank in the island." Bligh was allowed to see the young Tu only across a river. The child appeared to be about six years old. He was therefore born about 1782, and this is our first glimpse of our first Christian king. Old Tu, or Tinah, was ... 07/03/04, 6876 bytes
Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vol. I, Expedition inland and other transactions, page 478***
... (continued) enough to go with us; but I have reason to think that, when the time drew near, the father’s courage failed, and that to keep his child he secreted him till the ship was gone, for we never saw him afterwards. At break of day, on Monday the 27th, we unmoored, and at the same time I ... 07/03/04, 7088 bytes
Banks's Descriptions of Places, Princes Island, page 443***
... (continued) Princes Island Java Malay English Jalma Oong Lanang Oran Lacki Lacki a man Becang Oong Wadang Parampuan a woman Oroculatacke Lari Anack a child Holo Undass Capalla the head Erung Erung Edung the Nose Mata Moto Mata the Eyes Chole Cuping Cuping the Ears Cutock Untu Ghigi the teeth Beatung ... 07/03/04, 6282 bytes
Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vols. II - III, Arrival at Otaheite, page 81***
... they resemble in consistence and colour, and in the exuding of a white milky juice upon being broken. The fruit is about the size and shape of a child’s head, and the surface is reticulated not much unlike a truffle: it is covered with a thin skin, and has a core about as big as the handle of ... 07/03/04, 6978 bytes
Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vols. II - III, Transactions in Queen Charlotte's Sound, page 388***
... at our approach, and all ran away except one. A conversation between this person and Tupia soon brought back the rest, except an old man and a child, who still kept aloof, but stood peeping at us from the woods. Of these people, our curiosity naturally led us to enquire after the body of the woman which ... 07/03/04, 7094 bytes
Banks's Journal: Daily Entries, 16 January 1770***
... we found a small family of Indians who were a little afraid of us as they all ran away but one; they soon however returnd except an old man and a child who staid in the woods but not out of sight of us; of these people we inquird about the body we had seen. They told Tupia that the woman was a relation ... 07/03/04, 9989 bytes
Parkinson's Journal, Vocabulary, page 85***
... meedee, A green bead. Poe ere ere, A blue bead. Ewhahana, A bow. Eahe, An arrow. Epanoo, A drum. Paraow, A pair of clappers. Vivo, A flute. Mama, Child's pap. Poe, A paste, or pudding, made of the roots of arum. Peea, A strong jelly, or paste, made of the roots of arum. Mahei, A kind of sour Paste made ... 07/03/04, 7148 bytes
Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vol. I, Character and Manners of the Natives at Otaheite, page 464***
... Accounts ---------- Character and Manners of the Natives at Otaheite (continued) little trouble as it would have cost me to have lifted over a child if I had been well. The next morning I sent her by the gunner, six hatchets, six bill-hooks, and several other things; and when he returned, he told me ... 07/03/04, 7094 bytes
Adams, Memoirs of Arii Taimai, Chapter III, page 24***
... not be refused without a quarrel. It could not even be evaded without creating ill-feeling that might end in trouble. Had Tuiterai asked for Tavi's child or anything else that he regarded as most precious, the gift would have to be made, subject of course to reciprocity, for every chief was bound to ... 07/03/04, 6926 bytes
Parkinson's Journal, Vocabulary of Sumatra, page 245***
... . Teembool, To grow. Batcha, To read. Potong, To cut. Curja or becking, To make. Tarro, To lay, to set, to put or place a thing. Boonte, To be with child. Sambayam, To pray. Bole, To be able. Previous Page Voyaging Accounts Next Page © Derived from the London 1773 edition printed for Stanfield Parkinson ... 07/03/04, 7224 bytes

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