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Parkinson's Journal, Vocabulary, page 79***
... , or tenant. Tatta màòwreèa, A poor man that gets his livelihood by labour, as a fisherman. Taow taow, A menial servant. Tata, People. Midee, A child. Earee, A boy. Aheine, A woman. Mituatane, Father. Mituaheine, Mother. Tooboonah, A grand-father. Teine, A brother. Tooaheine, A sister. Tooanah, An elder ... 07/03/04, 6861 bytes
Corporal Punishment - South Seas Companion Concept***
... of authority. However, at all levels of society greater store was placed in the proverbial wisdom that ‘Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.’ Children were flogged for simple transgressions. Of the small minority who attended school ... 07/03/04, 8950 bytes
James Morrison's Account of Tahiti, Relegous & other Customs, page 58***
... Proper (but should they part, then the Wifes property returns to herself as before said). If they Have Children they proceed thus — When a Child is born whether Male or Female it is taken to the Family Morai (of Which evry Family have one) by a Person who is employd to attend it while the Mother ... 07/03/04, 7452 bytes
James Morrison's Account of Tahiti, Dress &c., page 110***
... or Daughters Friend and Adopts him for His Son by performing the Amoa (before described) towards Him and His Son or Daughter at the Morai and the Child is acknowledged an Areeuoy immediately the Ceremony is over, and May Continue to follow their Methods while He or she thinks Proper. There are many ... 07/03/04, 7417 bytes
Adams, Memoirs of Arii Taimai, Chapter III, page 28***
... or sacred to the young prince. Not a pig should be killed; not a tapa cloth or fine mat should be made; "not a cock should crow," except for the child; and at the end of the rahui, all was to belong to the infant. Tavi's direct and full authority extended only over his own chiefery of Tautira, but by ... 07/03/04, 6920 bytes
Adams, Memoirs of Arii Taimai, Chapter V, page 42***
... important person in the world in the eyes of his mother and of Tahiti. The son always superseded the father, whose authority after the birth of a child was merely that of guardian. As often happened, Tevahitua took a new name from the child, and called himself Amo, the winker, from a habit of winking ... 07/03/04, 6850 bytes
Adams, Memoirs of Arii Taimai, Chapter XVII, page 175***
... ; and as I had been claimed by Pomare, I received from his side the name Taaroa, although he was dead before I was born. In old days the eldest child of a head-chief was always carried at its birth to the family Maraes as sacred, with offerings to the Gods. In the island society any person who could ... 07/03/04, 6855 bytes
Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vols. II - III, Of the Division of Time in Otaheite, page 245***
... be expected, because he administered the government for Outou, his nephew, who was Earee rahie of Obereonoo, and lived upon his estate. The child of the baron or Earee, as well as of the sovereign or Earee rahie, succeeds to the title and honours of the father as soon as it is born: so that a baron ... 07/03/04, 6857 bytes
Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, Vols. II - III, Ceremonies of a Funeral and General Observations on that Subject, page 154***
... has been observed, was a minor. Whappai, Oamo, and Tootahah, were brothers: Whappai was the eldest, and Oamo the second; so that, Whappai having no child but Outou, Terridiri, the son of his next brother Oamo, was heir to the sovereignty. It will, perhaps, seem strange that a boy should be sovereign ... 07/03/04, 7217 bytes
James Morrison's Account of Tahiti, Relegous & other Customs, page 65***
... the partys — if the owner is a Minor, the affront is the greater, the Mother instantly applys the Sharks tooth to Her head in Grief that Her Child should be insulted, & the Father flys to strip by force those who have offended. If the offender makes a Concession by offering a Plantation leaf and ... 07/03/04, 7543 bytes

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