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Huahine - South Seas Companion Place****
... with very fine breadfruit trees and an infinite number of Cocoa nuts, upon which latter the inhabitants seemd to depend much more than those of Otahite; we saw however large spaces occupied by lagoons and salt swamps upon which neither breadfruit nor Cocoa nuts would thrive (Banks Journal, entry for ... 07/03/04, 10137 bytes
Cook's Journal: Daily Entries, 26 June 1769****
... as we were told.   We were told also that the country we were now in, as well as all the country we had come from was call'd Tiarreboo Oboreanoo or Otahite Ete nua and was Subject to Tootaha, but we were now on the borders ofTiarreboo or Otahite Ete the Enimies country we had yesterday heard of - We ... 07/03/04, 12607 bytes
Banks's Descriptions of Places, South Sea Islands, page 88****
... conclude that those of the Islands we have not seen differ not materialy at least from them. The account I shall give of them is taken cheifly from Otahite where I was well acquainted with their most interior policy, as I found them to be a people so free from deceit that I trusted myself among them ... 07/03/04, 5870 bytes
Banks's Journal: Daily Entries, 19 July 1769*
... for in an Island which had not before been seen by Europaeans. In the afternoon go to Sea. The Island of Huahine differs scarce at all from that of Otahite either in its productions or in the customs of the people. In all our searches here we have not found above 10 or 12 new plants, a few insects indeed ... 07/03/04, 7477 bytes
Banks's Journal: Daily Entries, 3 June 1769*
... went back and myself with them. I spent the rest of the day in examining the produce &c. of the Island and found it very nearly similar to that of Otahite, the people exactly the same, indeed we saw many of the Identical same people as we had often seen at Otahite, and every one knew well every kind ... 07/03/04, 8693 bytes
Banks's Descriptions of Places, South Sea Islands, page 159*
... found out by any but one in some measure acquainted with one of the Languages; for instance New Guinea Hissou fish, is found to be the same as the Otahite Eia by the medium of Ica of the Isles of Solomon; Talingan ears, in Otahite Terrea; Limang a hand, Lima or Rima; Paring cheeks Paparea; Isle of Moyse ... 07/03/04, 5864 bytes
Banks's Journal: Daily Entries, 13 July 1769*
13 July 1769 Previous/Next Page Banks's Journal: Daily Entries Voyaging Accounts ---------- 13 July 1769 13. About 10 this morn saild From Otahite leaving our freinds Some of them at least I realy beleive personaly sorry for our departure, notwisthstanding the confinement of the day before yesterday ... 07/03/04, 7248 bytes
Banks's Journal: Daily Entries, 29 June 1769*
... have calld horns but the Indians calld them tata ete, little men. The image was calld by them Maúwe; they said it was the only one of the kind in Otahite and readily atempted to explain its use, but their language was totaly unintelligible and seemed to referr to some customs to which we are perfect ... 07/03/04, 13895 bytes
Banks's Descriptions of Places, New Zealand, page 246*
... precisely the same at least in fundamentals. It is true that they have generaly added several letters to the words as usd by the inhabitants of Otahite &c. but the original plainly appears in the composition. The language of the Northern and southern parts differ cheifly in this: the one has added more ... 07/03/04, 5795 bytes
Banks's Journal: Daily Entries, 17 July 1769*
... Accounts ---------- 17 July 1769 17. Went ashore this morn and walkd up the hills; found the productions here almost exactly similar to those of Otahite; upon the hills the rocks and clay were burnt if any thing more than they were in that Island. The people also were almost exactly like our late [friends ... 07/03/04, 6626 bytes

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