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Smith, Isaac (1752 - 1831)

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Seaman and naval captain
Isaac Smith joined the crew of the Endeavour on 27 May 1768 as an able-bodied seaman. He was a cousin of Elizabeth Cook, nee Batts.

Career Highlights
It was very likely due to his family connection with Elizabeth Cook that Smith rose in naval rank. He served as an able-bodied seaman until 23 May 1770 when he was appointed midshipman. On 26 May 1771 he was made master's mate. During the course of the Endeavour his duties included assisting Cook in surveying.

After serving as master's mate aboard the Resolution on Cook's second voyage, Smith was commisioned as lieutenant and promoted to post-captain in 1787.

Smith appears to have served on the East India Station for a number of years before retiring with the superannuation of a rear-admiral in 1807.

Until his death in 1831 he spent the summer at a modest country estate at Merton Abbey in Surrey, and the winters with Cook's widow at her house in Clapham.

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