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Great Canoe Bay

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Longitude Min 149 30 W Longitude Max 17 30 00 S , Tahiti
The south-western end of Matavai Bay was named Great Canoe Bay by the Dolphin voyagers in June 1767.

At the western end of the bay is Utuhaihai, a low reef-fringed promontory.

Cook gave Utuhaihai the name 'Marae Point' after discovering it was the site of a marae. It was in fact the location of Tarahoi, the principal marae of Te Porionu’u, the people of the Arue and Pare districts.

Marae Tarahoi was associated with the kin-title held by Tutaha (Ha'amanemane), the paramount title-holder of Te Porionu’u at the time of Cook's first stay on Tahiti.

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