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Acanthocybium solandri
The Kingfish or Wahoo is a pelagic fish found throughout tropical and subtropical seas. It is a close relative of the King Mackerel.

Growing to between 100 and 170 centimeters in length, the Kingfish is a fast swimming predator with a slender body and long jaws. The upper parts of the fish are dark blue or green with vivid bright blue vertical stripes, while its belly is silver.

The fish tend to be solitary hunters, preying on many species of school fish and squid. However, they come together in loose groups that are often found on the edges of floating objects or masses of seaweed.

Kingfish are fine eating. Indeed, Hawaiians call the fish 'Ono', which means literally 'good to eat'; and within their mythology the fish is represented as giving birth to Opelu, the Mackerel Scad that formed an important part of the traditional Hawaiian diet.


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