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Master's Mate

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In the mid-eighteenth-century, the master’s mate on a Royal Navy ship was a warrant officer who served under the direction of the vessel’s master.

Seaman were usually appointed mates on the recommendation of the master, and helped him carry out his various duties.

In his Dictionary of the Marine, William Falconer describes the duties ordinarily undertaken by a master’s mate on a naval ship.
Online Sources Published Sources
  • Falconer, William, Online edition of William Falconer's Universal Dictionary of the Marine, or, a Copious Explanation of the Technical Terms and Phrases employed in the Construction, ...of a Ship...derived from the text of the London 1780 edition published by Thomas Cadell, 2004 edn, South Seas, http://southseas.nla.gov.au/refs/falc/contents.html. [ Details ]

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