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Thurman, John (1748? - 1771)

Able Bodied Seaman
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Born: 1748?.  Died: 3 February 1771  at sea between batavia and Cape of Good Hope.
Thurman was pressed into service aboard H.M. Bark Endeavour at Funchal on 14 September 1768, where he had arrived on a sloop out of New York. He appears to have been skilled in sail-making, but refused to assist Endeavour's chief sail-maker, earning himself 12 lashes for insubordination at Rio de Janeiro in late November 1768.

At Matavai Bay, Tahiti, Thurman was again lashed, this time for stealing several bows, arrows and platted hair from local Maohi.

He served as sail-maker's assistant thereafter, dying of dysentry on the passage from Batavia to the Cape of Good Hope on 3 February 1771

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Parties: Ship's Company, Endeavour
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