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Ship's Company, Endeavour

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Cook sailed from England in late August 1768 with a company of 85 seamen. Biographical information about them can be found in the related entries listed below.

The South Seas Companion contains biographical entries for the seamen who sailed on the Endeavour between July 1768 and July 1771.

The starting point for creating these biographical entries has been Endeavour's muster-books, now preserved in the United Kingdom’s Public Record Office as Adm. 36/8569. The National Library of Australia holds a microfilm copy of these books.

Entries in the muster-books have been checked against the information provided by J.C. Beaglehole in Appendix V of his edition of Cook's Journal of the Endeavour Voyage. This information has then been compared with index cards compiled by Greg Dening and augmented where possible with further information derived from other contemporary sources.

In general, the related Companion entries listed below simply reproduce information discovered by Beaglehole through comparing entries in the muster-books with those of other ships preserved in the UK Public Record Office and a manuscript of the ship’s company made before Endeavour left Madeira, which is now in the British Library (Banks Papers, Add. MS 8960: Complement of H.M.S. Endeavour 25 May 1768 – 1 August 1771, giving names, ages, place of birth, dates of entry and discharge).

Dates of death are those recorded by Cook, with the exception of those cases in which Beaglehole has shown that Cook or his officers was in error.

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