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Ari'i Faataia (1772? - 1798?)

Also known as Temari'i
According to Adams, Ari'ifa'ataia - also known as Temari'i - was the son of Amo by a niece of Purea who also came from Fa'a'a. He was thus a half brother to Ter'irere. Adams records that Ter'irere died young and was succeeded by Ari'ifa'ataia, who was younger by ten years.

However, Oliver (1974: 3, 1202), on the basis of William Bligh (1792: 175b, 166b) and London Missionary sources, was inclined to think that Ari'ifa'ataia was an alternative name for Ter'irere. He argues that 'Morrison met "Temmaree" in 1791, and described him as "…a Handsom well made man of about 27 or 28 years old and about 6 feet high" (1835: 114); in other words, the age of Temari'i would have been the same as Cook's Teri'irere, and not of the latter's half-brother, who by Adams' birth date estimate would have been less than twenty years old at the time of his meeting with Morrison (1974: 3, 1202).'

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