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Ari'ipaea (1758? - 1796?)

Also known as Te Ar'i Fa'atou and Oreepyah
Ari'ipaea was the second son of Teu and Tetupaia, and thus a younger brother of Pomare I. He had the reputation of a great warrior who supported the title claims of his elder brother and his son, Pomare II.

By the late 1780s, relations between Ari'ipaea and Pomare I appeared to have become strained. William Bligh claimed that the cause of the rift was antagonism between their wives (Bligh 1789: 1, 407). However, Adams claims that Ar'ipaea was nonetheless instrumental in forging a alliance between the Pomare dynasty and Teri'irere - Tamari'i the paramount chief of Papara, with the result that in 1790 warriors of Pare and Papara united to invade the district of Tehaha (Fa'a'a).

Ari'ipaea died a year or so before the arrival of the Duff missionaries in 1797.

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