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Taaroa Manahune

Taaroa Manahune was the eldest son of Tutaha, an Arri'i born about 1680. This Tutaha had strong ancestral links with not only the Tarahoi marae in Pare-Arue, but also marare in Ha'apape, Fa'a'a, Afareitu on the island of Mo'orea and Fa'ahiti.

Not only did Taaroa Manahune inherit these powerful connections through his father, but his mother, Tera'iatua, was strongly connected to the Tepotuarai marae at Papararau.

Taaroa Manahune enhanced the power of his family by marrying high ranking women of the Teahupo'o and Varao districts. However, he was overshadowed by his younger brother, Tutaha, known to the Endeavour voyagers as 'Hercules'.

Taaroa Manahune appears to have died before 1769.

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