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The Great Road

Guanabara Bay
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The Great Road was the name given by English voyagers to the anchorage in the main channel of Guanabara Bay, about 2.5 kilometres east south east of the Ilha das Cobras.

The Great Road was here that large merchant and naval vessels waited for a combination of favourable winds and tide to sail south south easterly through the fortified headlands of the Bay.

Cook, Robert Molyneaux and Richard Pickersgill all sketched the navigational features of Guanabara Bay. Topographical information also appears in two surviving sketches by Cook. These items are now in the British Library. The Public Records Office (UK) has a sketch by Molyneaux, and the Hydrography Department of the Ministry of Defence (UK) has one by Pickersgill. These sketches are reproduced and fully described in A. David, pp. 16-19.

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