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Boa Vista

Ilha da Boa Vista
Boa Vista is the most easterly island in the Cape Verde archipelago. It lies about 320 kilometres from the coast of the West African nation of Senegal.

Boa Vista is pentagonal in shape, 31 kilometres long north to south, and 29 kilometres from west to east. It has a surface area of 620 square kilometres, and the highest point on the island is the Pico d'Estanciam, rising 390 meters above sea level.

As Cook was to note on his first expedition, much of the island is covered by hills of sedimentary rock and volcanic formations. The island also has many large sand dunes and is fringed with coral reefs.

Portuguese colonists settled the island in the late fifteenth century and lived mostly by raising cattle. In the early seventeenth century English entrepreneurs employed the islanders in salt making.


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