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Deal Castle

Lat. 51&deg 13' N — Long. 01&deg 24' E, United Kingdom, England
Deal Castle was a well-known navigational landmark, located to the south west of the centre of the Kent market town of Deal.

In the eighteenth century, the trade of Deal Castle was largely the supply of provisions and naval stores to ships anchored in the nearby Downs, a safe anchorage about 23 kilometres long and 10 kilometres wide between the shore and the Goodwin Sands. The Downs anchorage was a place where large fleets of wind-bound vessels could lie in safety.

In Cook’s day, Deal men were highly regarded as pilots.

Deal was also a centre of boat building. One small and highly manoeuvrable craft for ferrying shipping provisions and stores to waiting built in centres along the Kent coast was known as a ‘Deal Gallery’.


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