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Owhaa (Hua)

Chief of the Ha'apape District of Tahiti
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National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection
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Item Title:Gore, John. Log
Reference:NLA MS 4
Date Range:1766 - 1767
Description:For the most part the log contains bare observations on the weather, rigging and position of the ship, but expands into more detailed description for the time spent in the Straits of Magellan and again at King George Island (i.e. Tahiti). MS log of the voyage of H.M.S. Dolphin to the South Seas, 1766-1768, under Captain Samuel Wallis. This log, kept by John Gore, Master's Mate, covers 21 Aug 1766-16 Oct 1767. Signed "Jno. Gore, Master Hunter(?)" MS, 2 vols.
Access:Available for reference. Not for loan. Photocopy available. Also available on microfilm.
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