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Solander, Daniel Carlsson (1733 - 1782)

Fellow of the Royal Society (elected 1764)
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National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection
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Collection Title:Solander, Daniel Charles, 1733-1782. Papers
Reference:NLA Mfm M2540-2554
Date Range:1769 - 1810
Description:Filmed as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project by the National Library of Australia and the State Library of New South Wales. National Library of Australia holds microfilm master. Available for reference. Australian Joint Copying Project miscellaneous series M2540-2554. Microfilm copy of originals held by Botany and Zoology libraries, British Museum (Natural History), London.
Swedish naturalist. Invited by Joseph Banks to join the scientific staff of the Endeavour in 1768. Later became Banks' secretary and librarian making further expeditions with him to the Isle of Wight, Scotland and Iceland. Appointed Keeper of Natural History at the British Museum.
Solander's Australasian related material. Not all manuscripts are attributed to Solander.
Includes: 1. Botanical papers from Cook's first voyage, 1768-71 for plants collected in the Society Islands, New Zealand, Australia, New Guinea, Java, Madeira, Brazil, and Tierra del Fuego. 2. Botanical papers relating to Cook's third voyage, 1776-1780. 3. Manuscript slip catalogue including descriptions of plants held in the British Museum compiled by Solander and others. 4. Catalogue of botanical drawings in the library of Sir Joseph Banks. 5. Solander letters to Joseph Banks, 1775-1776. 6. Zoological manuscripts from collection chiefly from his voyage to Newfoundland-Labrador in 1766, from Cook's voyages, and from Masson's journeys in South Africa in 1772-1775. 8. Slip catalogue containing descriptions of animals in the British Museum and other collections, including species collected by Solander, some during Cook's first voyage.
Finding Aid:Descriptive list available (19 p.).

Item Title:Solander, Daniel Charles, 1733-1782. Letter
Reference:NLA MS 4081
Date Range:27 September 1780
Description:Letter, London, 27th September, 1780, to Monsieur Lampe, doctor of medicine and secretary of the Academy of Sciences, Danzig, Poland.
Quantity:1 Letter
Access:Available for reference. Not for loan.

Item Title:Solander, Daniel Charles, 1733-1782. Letter
Reference:NLA MS 3607
Date Range:1 December 1768
Description:Letter, Rio de Janeiro on board "Endeavour" 1768, Dec. 1, to Carl von Linne.
Quantity:1 Letter
Access:Available for reference. Not for loan.

Collection Title:Solander, Daniel Charles, 1733-1782. Letters
Reference:NLA MS 2645
Date Range:1773 - 1781
Description:Photocopy. Location of originals unknown. 5 letters for Dr Daniel Solander to Sir Joseph Banks.
Quantity:5 Letters
Access:Available for reference. Not for loan.
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